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I have established a small office specializing in services to long term visitors to Japan, with an emphasis on assisting non-Japan based overseas applicants with immigration procedures, entry and transition support, company formations in Japan, the Japanese Language and Cultural Orientation services, among other services.

I am currently in practice licensed administrative procedures, immigration, and naturalization services on behalf of clients. There are many types of "lawyers" in Japan. "Gyoseishoshi Lawyer" is one of a few examples as each has specific areas he or she covers.

Please note that a licensed immigration specialist is entitled to handle on behalf of the applicant immigration documents as he/she is authorized by the Ministry of Justice to practice and is registered with the regional immigration bureau.

A gyoseishoshi lawyer (a Licensed Administrative Procedures Specialist under the auspices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) is qualified to deal with administrative and legal documents for his or her clients and is bound to adhere to client confidentiality.

My 30-year-long work experience has helped me a lot. I owe it to my previous work experience and people who I have encountered with that I am so positive.  I joined Sony Enterprise Co. Ltd. in April 1975.

During my time with Sony Enterprise for 29 years, I have worked for the Educational Services Department, Travel Services' domestic business trip operations, Overseas Transfer Support Center c/o Sony Corporation to assist non-Japan based expatriates worldwide coming to Japan, and lastly, but not the least, Sony Building Ginza Sony Showroom Operations c/o Sony Marketing of Japan, up to my last day at work.

My experience with the Sony Group had been a fruitful one and I am very thankful for the many varied opportunities that I had been able to take part in so far.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my colleagues during my time with Sony Enterprise Co., Ltd. for their kind support and advice ever since my first day at work.

Best regards,

Hideaki WADA

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