Japanese Language Education and Japan Fact-Finding Seminars
A 30-year-long career in cross-cultural community
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Japanese banks plan to establish a new international money-forwarding system that will include 10 other countries in the Asia-Pacific region and slash fees by 90 %, according to

Wada Liaison Global Inc.is ready to design and arrange fact-finding field trips to help newly arrived personnel with new cultural environments, post-arrival administrative procedures at local governments, and getting around their new neighborhood.

Wada Liaison Global Inc. offers a 40-hour Japanese Language and Culture Orientation course designed to acquaint newly arrived expatriates and their family members with the culture of Japan and to provide them with sufficient capability to function in frequently encountered daily situations involving people-to-people contact with the Japanese.

Our representative has had a 30-year-long good experience working with non-Japanese people at Sony Enterprise Co., Ltd. Foreign Language Education Services Department's English and Japanese Programs, Hotel Desk Operations for Sony business travelers, Sony Overseas Transfer Support Center to assist non-Japan based expatriates worldwide entering Japan and Sony Ginza Showroom Operations in Tokyo to attend to non-Japanese as well as Japanese visitors up to his last day at work.

Concurrently with the USARJ Education Center, he also developed the language and culture orientation program and taught thousands of U.S.government personnel which helped him nurture a good sense of public relations begun through a long period of acquaintance and association with friends from other countries, primarily the United States.
Consultation fee: JPY5,000/30 minutes
40-Hour Japanese Language and Japan Fact-Finding Seminar:
JPY220,000 excluding transportation and materials fees
Field trips in Real Life Situations: JPY35,000/day + transportation
Please contact us for the details.
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