The immigration bureau has been upgraded to Immigration Services Agency( April, 2019), with relevant law revisions. Among them are SSW (i) and (ii) (Specified Skilled Workers) in 14 specified areas of professions. The newly introduced status of residence SSW is unique and practical in that the visa holders are entitled to work in 14 specified areas of professions with the equal benefits paid out to their Japanese co-workers and it also helps the understaffed Japanese companies manage to solve a shortage of their human resources, not to mention an appropriate career guidance sought to be designed for colleges and technical schoolsf students currently studying in Japan.

Japanese and Philippines governments concluded a MOC (Memorandum Of
Cooperation) on SSW (Specified Skilled Workers) on March 19, 2019, which establishes a basic framework to ensure the smooth and appropriate sending and receiving of foreigners with specified skills and eliminating notorious agencies of the past, and then bilateral agreements with 9 more countries; Myanmar, Nepal, Mongolia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, and Pakistan up to the present.  Wada Liaison Inc. has been well prepared how to go about it.

Our firm's director is licensed to practice immigration and naturalization services and administrative procedures on behalf of clients, precisely "Applying for Certificate of Eligibility, Change of Status, Extensions, Re-entry Permits, Naturalization, Cross-Border Transfers, Applying for Work Permit, among others."

Please note that the staff member of an affiliate of a parent company can not apply for a certificate of eligibility or act as a proxy for a non-Japanese applicant working for that parent company. This is because any person acting as a proxy must be a staff member of the parent company that is directly employing the applicant. A licensed immigration lawyer can represent a non-Japanese applicant on behalf of a parent company or affiliate company.
He can therefore contribute to your company's cost performance.

Also please note a licensed immigration lawyer is bound to adhere to client confidentiality.

Our representative, throughout his 40-year-long career in cross-cultural work environments.
He has been entrusted to help foreign language institutes to employ international human resources.

[Some Examples of Achievements]
Attending to visa inquiries and consultation services for the non-Japanese over the phone, Kanagawa Gyoseishoshi Lawyers Association, Yokohama.

Certified translation in English to verify the
accuracy of the translation with the text of the
original Republic of Moldova documents

Assisted non-Japanese (Ireland ) applying for COE for Japanese Culture Studies and its extensions

Notarized Divorce/Separation Agreements to spouses seeking a dissolution of marriage

Drafted business agreement between major Japanese rice wine producer and exporter, and its counterparts in Singapore and the U.S.A.

Helped senior citizens (Japanese) to apply for non-immigrant visa O-A: for applicants aged 50 years or above wishing to go to Thailand for "Long Stay" visa

Assisted a long-established company manufacturing experimental apparatus for physics and chemistry to recruit non-Japanese specialists 

Supported a leading company, engaged in  trading and sales of materials and products which include building materials, agriculture and horticultural materials, to recruit Chinese and Korean expertise, among others.

Supported remaining Japanese families who'd lost their spouses (non-Japanese) to resolve their inheritance problems in the U.S.A.

Drafted business agreement between leading mobile-media companies in Italy and Japan to offer services for cellular phone internet site on their respective cellular phone internet sites.

Assisted non-Japanese professionals of a highly reputed genetic analysis and related service products corporation with COE entry procedures.

Adviser to  foreign language institutes regarding employing non-Japanese English teachers and filing applications for visa for the clients.

Assisted family members of Japanese who passed away abroad with inheritance procedures
primarily in the U.S.

Attending to non-Japanese citizens with pension and overseas medical treatment reimbursement

Application of J 1 U.S. internship visa for Japanese college students and its follow-up support up to their return to Japan

On-line support to assist Japanese commercial vendors and business service suppliers seeking markets for their products/services search and monitor business opportunities at U.S. governments facilities in Japan

Consultation fee: 5,000/30 minutes
Application for COE 30,000 - 250,000,
Attending: 35,000, accommodation and transportation
Please feel free to contact us for the details.
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